T1P Team members are confidently fearless

Tier One Protection employees have a combined 20+ years of Special Operations experience and years worth of combat deployment time. It’s safe to say that they have dedicated their lives for the safety of others.

This company was founded by former and current members of the United States Special Operations Command. This team of individuals provide a service for something they are extremely passionate about, the well being and safety of others.


T1P provides various services and pride themselves in predicting, preventing, and resolving any potential threats. Being on-site and subject matter experts in threat identification, EMS and combat life saver, Tier One Protection can prevent and resolve threats while simultaneously improving the status of possible casualties.


When it comes to our schools, workplaces, or any other environment where a potential threat could arise, sometimes dialing 911 is not enough. Having a Tier One employee on-site will deter attacks and save lives.