Our Founder

Here at Tier One Protection, we believe that everyone should feel safe regardless the circumstances, and we are dedicated to ensure that.

With that being said, only the best and highly qualified professionals are hired to carry out this vision.


Michael Morgan

Michael is the founder and President of T1P.

Michael is a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. He joined the United States Special Operations Command shortly after graduating high school. He served 5 years and  deployed 5 times with the Joint Special Operations Command. During which time he carried out over 500 Special Operations missions, being involved in the capture of some of America’s most wanted terrorists. During his time in the service, Michael attended several schools including but not limited to Emergency Medical Technician course, Ranger First Responder, Ranger School, Combat Lifesaver, various tactical driving schools, target identification courses which included days of training on escalation of force, and countless marksmanship courses. Michael organized and instructed several expert marksmanship courses throughout the Special Operations Community consisting of dozens of weapon systems both domestic and foreign. He is an expert in threat analysis and prevention. Being a Fire Team Leader within the worlds most elite small arms unit, Michael maintained the safety of hundreds of fellow Rangers and other Special elements throughout the most hostile and stressful environments. Michael separated from the military in 2014 and now works as a Consultant and Private Investigator.

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