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Tier One Protection provides a variety of services to benefit all needs of safety. Please see our detailed list below. Please understand that pricing varies; contact us for more details.



Our seminars will be concentrated on threat assessment, threat prevention, and threat elimination. T1P uses seminars in order to allow each individual to posses the skills needed to identify and prevent potential threats and effectively and effeciently produce egress routes at a moments notice.

These seminars are Ideal for employees in the work place, law enforcement, military trainings, and any individuals seeking knowledge on becoming an expert on identifying and detering potential threats as well as obtaining the skills to produce life saving exit strategies in the heat of the moment.


Active On-Site Safeguarding

T1P will provide highly qualified professionals to be actively stationed where needed. They will continually assess the property, preventing and resolving any potential threats that arise. Our employees are experts in emergency medical services and combat life saver, allowing for simultaneous improvement of threat level and status of possible casualties.

Personal Protection

After careful study of the client, Tier One Protection will provide the best possible plan to maintain a safe environment. We pride ourselves in being highly versatile. For that reason, we are second to none in both static and mobile security.


T1P Training

Based on the client’s needs, T1P will develop the best possible training course whether it may be, but not limited to, self defense, escalation of force or threat assessment. Our professionals have the most qualified and diverse military backgrounds and we are certain we can meet and exceed your expectations.


In need of a service you don’t see listed here? Contact us and we will make it happen!

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